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100% made in italy

The face mask with 2 replaceable FFP3 filters is a pre-assembled kit, ready to use, composed by:

1) Non-toxic PVC without phthalates for food contact half mask
2) 2 filter cartridges in SMS Thermobonded Nonwoven 100% PP Hydrophobic


The new Top Gun Non-toxic PVC without phthalates for food contact half mask, washable. The mask is a Verified Medical Device (ID #1998283), CDN T0399, registered as a Class I device. Our high standard of protection was tested by Eurolab-accredited UAG IAF member laboratory accreditation according to the EN 149 Standard with FFP3 protection (Report 2020010913). The top Gun Face Mask is also CE B and C Certified.


The transparent silicone half mask with reusable filters has:

  • Non-toxic PVC without phthalates for food contact half mask
  • Trasparent design to allow visibility of user’s mouth
  • Contoured shape for perfect seal, greater comfort and a light touch on facial skin
  • 2 pressure filters with double internal locking system
  • Hypoallergenic rubber band
  • Adjustable straps for the perfect fitting
  • 100% Reusable
  • 100% Recyclable


  • Transparent material to allow facial visibility
  • All materials are hipoallergenic and intended for food usage
  • Built to last for years
  • 100% reusable
  • Able to be sanitized or disinfected via autoclave or microwave
  • 31 replaceable, easy to install filters
  • 8 hour filter life
  • 100% Made in Italy


  1. Insert the elastic in the first loop of the buckle, from bottom to top

2. Pass the elastic through the second loop of the buckle, from top to bottom

3. Pass the elastic through the appropriate slot on the mask

4. Reinsert the elastic into the buckle by passing it through the loop again

5. Pass the elastic through the second loop and adjust its length

Repeat the operation for the four loops


  1. Wash your hands well as established by the Ministry of Health;
  2. Remove the mask used by taking the rubber bands and without touching the outside with your fingers;
  3. Remove your hands and put on disposable gloves;
  4. Place the mask on a disinfected surface;
  5. Spray evenly with 70% alcohol over the entire surface of the mask and the elastics.
    Be careful not to wet it excessively. Do it on the opposite side as well;
  6. Let it dry at least 30 minutes in a protected place;
  7. If after the drying time it still has a strong smell of alcohol, let it dry or store it in a plastic bag and then take it back and reuse it;
  8. Expose the two sides of the mask to high temperatures (above 60 °) such as the steam from the iron, but without bringing it too close or the hairdryer;

    • do not store the disinfected mask inside or on non-sanitized surfaces without the protection of the plastic bag;
    • do not use the reconditioned mask if damaged and do not absolutely touch the inside of the mask to avoid the risk of contamination.


Why choose pressure fitting filters?

  • Mask Filters with Push Fittings are easy to install and save considerable material as only a small part of the PPE needs to be replaced the pressure connection is preferred when a quick replacement and a secure seal are preferred, without by-pass
    it has a single stable clamping position and cannot be installed incorrectly without falling, which guarantees easy and error-free installation longer filter life (up to 8 hours in dusty places)

What material is the mask made of?

  • Mask material: Non-toxic PVC without phthalates for food contact half mask;
  • Elastic material: hypoallergenic fabric, certified;
  • Filter material: PVC for medical use and SMS Thermobonded Nonwoven 100% PP Hydrophobic, certified UNI EN 14683: 2019, UNI EN 149: 2009, UNI EN13274;


How long does it last?

The mask can be reused several times, the important thing is to wash it and sterilize it with alcohol or other disinfectant products. The recommended duration of the filter is 8 hours in non-dusty environments, after which the replacement of the filtering mass is recommended

What type of device is it?

Type FFP3 Non-toxic PVC without phthalates for food contact half mask, without phthalates, for medical use (with anti-fog and anti-bacterial treatment, certified) with different adjustable bands. This respirator is classified according to its filtration efficiency and its maximum total loss to the interior. Protective respirator against solid and liquid particles with high toxicity. It can be used for contaminant concentrations up to 20 times the weighted limit value (VME).
Filtration power of the filter media: 99% – Nominal Protection Factor (NPF): 50